Happy Holiday Homebrew Competition – St Louis Brews

Clear wort is a good thing even with a Hefeweizen!

Many years ago, when I had less grey hair and Nick had neither a wife nor kids we would meet up at our local craft beer bar The Gingerman and Nicks go to beer was always Paulaner Hefeweizen. Time has passed and we both got deep into homebrewing and our tastes broadened such that we rarely drink Hefeweizens any more and had only brewed one once or twice before with not so much success. In addition to our American Pale, IPA, Wit and a few other beers we submitted for the Happy Holidays Homebrew comp we decided on a whim to brew a Hef and see what happened. Temperature control is critical for this style so you really need to ferment it cool and pitch a healthy amount of yeast. The Hefeweizen turned out great and nabbed us a second place medal! Next time we brew it we are planning to get the banana and clove a little better balanced and maybe that gold medal will be ours!!