More Foreign Coriander for the Wit!

Today we are brewing a Belgian Wit with some coriander that Jeff brought back from the Greek island of Crete. Over the years both of us have brewed wits with varying success (Nick having more success than Jeff). One of the early critiques Jeff got at a competition was to use Indian coriander instead of domestic American coriander. This led us from Indian coriander to Turkish coriander and today to coriander from Greece.

The primary difference we have found with the coriander we have obtained from other countries is that they have a herbal spicy and citrus character that the domestic coriander doesn’t. It also avoids what one judge called a “celery like character” that can come from the domestic coriander.

Today’s Wit recipe will be the same in its grain bill and hopping as previous versions but with this new coriander. We will let you know how it turns out!