Homebrew Con Brew Day – Wookie Dust IPA

Homebrew Con is almost here! It’s always a blast to hang out with the other Homebrew nerds out there! Today we’re brewing up a double batch of our American IPA, Wookie Dust. We’re going to be entering this beer into the 2nd Round at NHC and serving them during our talk at the conference.

The topic of our seminar is “The Little Things” which is basically an inside look at what we and other brewers do to make commercial tasting, competition winning, slap your mama good beer!

The deference between the two batches may not seem like a lot but hopefully the results will be dramatic. Here are some of the differences:

Wookie Dust – Regular Process:

  1. Starting with RO Water and Building the Mineral Profile
  2. Using our preferred base grain of choice, Rahr 2 Row
  3. Using fresh hops from Yakima Valley Hops
  4. Temperature controlled fermentation
  5. Conical Fermenter

Wookie Dust – Stripped Down Version

  1. Uses Straight Tap water with no mineral adjustments
  2. Using a cheaper Ireks 2-Row our homebrew store sells
  3. Using undated off the shelf hops
  4. Simple “room temperature” fermentation control
  5. Regular Carboy

Other than these simple adjustments the process and method of making these 2 batches will be completely the same. We are very excited to see the results.

Brewday Shenanigans:

Collecting RO Water
Measured OG from Each Batch, Very Close

We’ll post an update with the results and a few weeks and hopefully you can taste them for yourself in Providence!